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100% Pure Organic Fertilizer, Premium Plant Food for Your Healthier , Safer & Greener Gardens (8.8 Ounce / 250 Grams)

Pamper Your Garden

When life has taken its toll on you, many of us depend on our enchanted garden to rejuvenate our body & mind. Now is the time to do something back for your green kingdom, they deserve nothing but the best.

Our superior quality organic fertilizers encourages the microbial activity which then improves the soil fertility. It also reconditions your clay soil structure and prevent it from hardening in the long run.

As your soil conditions improve, you will be amazed at how beautiful your garden blooms.

Create a Safe & Healthier Crops for Your Family

Did you know that if organic fertilizers that are not processed appropriately, contains high level of harmful organism & toxic?

Whether you are a professional farmer or amateur gardener, nothing is more important creating a worry free environment for your family.

With our customers in mind, we have created our award winning enzymes to get rid of all the pathogens in our product. Therefore, assuring you a peace of mind that you are using the finest quality of chemical free organic fertilizers for your crops.

Make Your Money Worth

With our nutrient rich and pathogen free organic fertilizers. You will see bigger crops size and greater efficiency on yield pot size. You will be surprised by the tremendous amount of potential you have unleashed upon your garden.

A Reliable and Honest Company

After years of rigorous research and millions of dollars invested, Biomax Technologies has developed a breakthrough patented technology that produces 100% premium grade organic fertilizer.

Till date we have exported our technology to more than 13 countries, including USA, Africa, Australia, Brazil & France etc….

Product Features

  • COMPLETE AND BALANCED FORMULA FOR PLANT LOVERS – Our specially formulated blend of organic fertilizer is great for all kinds of Vegetables, Fruit Trees and Flowers
  • SAFE AND FREE FROM HARMFUL PATHOGENS – Manufactured in high temperature environment using our internationally patented enzymes to eliminate harmful bacteria. Freeing you from any pests
  • ENJOY HIGHER YIELDS AND GREENER LEAVES FOR YOUR PLANTS – We have produced the fertilizer with high NPK value and packed with tons of nutrients for your plants. No more blossom rots and fruits cracking and build stronger plant immune system
  • ODOURLESS INDOOR GARDENS – Our breakthrough Rapid Thermophilic Digestion System manufacturing process is able to get rid of any offensive odour in the fertilizer, making it suitable for indoor gardening
  • PROMOTING RECOVERY OF SOIL FERTILITY – Our Organic Fertilizer is also a soil biological stimulator that increases aerobic bacteria and beneficial fungi

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