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101 Essential Tips: Bonsai

Prepare to prune and propagate to Bonsai perfection with this fantastic pocket-sized guide. This title features one hundred and one nuggets of practical information that take you stage-by-stage towards a broad understanding of the amazing art of Bonsai. Whether you are a budding enthusiast or a fully flowered expert this handy book is a mini-tree must have.

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3 comments to 101 Essential Tips: Bonsai

  • J. Sexton

    Probably the only book you really need Before I picked up this simple little Tome, I knew absolutely nothing about bonsai. I was studying eastern cultures and thought to myself, “Hey, I’m bored. I’ll bet that this could be an interesting side diversion.” I did a quick search on Amazon, and decided this book looked the most concise. It is very reasonably priced, who can’t spare a meager $5 to decide if a new activity interests you? The book is very clear and has many helpful full color pictures. I believe that all topics essential to Bonsai are covered: potting, trimming, shaping, wiring, feeding, watering. It even explains the basics of more advanced bonsai techniques: growing the roots onto rock, intricate hanging patterns. A complete list of equipment if provided for the `real’ bonsai gardener, but I made due with tools that I had lying around the house. After 15 minutes with the book, you’ve probably absorbed the majority of the information, and you can get started. I think the total cost to get me started was something like: $5 Book, $4 Juniper, $3 Pot. So I’m out $12.00 and a few hours of time before I decide if I enjoy this hobby or not. My cheap little bonsai is six months old now, and it looks just as nice as any picture I can find in the book. So unless you are planning on making bonsai your life’s work, 101 Essential Tips is probably the only book you will ever need.

  • ira_nyc

    a beginners point of view I am just starting out in this hobby. I went to the bookstore and looked at many books before picking this one out. Most were priced at twenty dollars or more and I just didn’t want to spend that much for something I was just getting into. I checked out several books from the library and read them, including another larger book by the same author. After reading them, I looked through this one and felt that most of the really important info in the larger books was in this one as well with less words and pictures. I am really happy with this book. The photos are clear and informative, and the information is just what I need to get started. Sometimes when starting out, it is better not to get too bogged down in details or you will never dive in. I think this book is just the thing to get a beginner started without making the whole bonsai thing seem out of reach and demanding. Eventually, I can see I will want a guide with more info on individual plants and their care, but this will get me started, and at a great price.

  • Anonymous

    Lots of info, but not lots of pages! Must have! If you like Bonsai, or received one as a gift, this is the book to get. Filled with 101 (literally) facts and tips, it is concise, streamlined and offers excellent pictures.

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