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10pcs Red Maple Seeds Garden Indoor Beautiful Potting Plant

10pcs Red Maple Seeds Garden Beautiful Potting Plant

Red maple leaves will change from green to yellow, golden and orange gradually. Suitable for as garden potting plant.

Growth Habit :
Temperature of Germination Growth of Optimum Temperature Sowing Time Environment Soil pH Days of Germination 18-20 ┃ 18-28 ┃ March to
April Warm, Sunlight, Moisture 5.5-7.5 15-20 days
Seed Treatment:
1. Remove the wing of seed, soak it with warm water about 12 hours
2. Mix seeds with three times wet sands, and stir them evenly, then place in a indoor
3. Can be sown after 50% seeds come out white bud

Sowing Way:
1. Threw the seed with treatment evenly into soil, 1-1.5cm covering depth
2. Cover with straw, to keep the soil wet

Seedling Management:
1. Sprout for 5 days, remove the straw after 60% seeds sprout, continues keep the soil wet
2. When the seedling grow up about 10cm height, spread leaf fertilizer or small amounts of urea every 10 days
3. Pull the weeds in time, don”t use herbicide to weed

Package Include:
10 X Red Maple Seeds

Product Features

  • 10pcs Red Maple Seeds Garden Indoor Beautiful Potting Plant

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