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2 Plastic Pots with Unique Pour Saucer and 1.4 liter Watering Can

This is a great set for small plants, indoor or outdoor. The watering can is elegant and easy to fill with a nice narrow spout.

Product Features

  • This set includes:
  • 2 terra-cotta colored plastic pots with special sacuers that have a pour spout
  • 1 watering can (1.4 liter), with measurements marks on the side, also with an off-center fill hole, makes it eask to fill at the sink or with the hose
  • Plastic pots (about 6″ x 5.6″) with pour spout saucers are a handy way to pour off excess water or to soak plant from the saucer, just pour into the saucer
  • This watering can is perfect for fertilizing because of the measurements on the side, also great for small pots, or indoor plants.

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