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4 Individual Bags of Masterly Mixed, All Purposes Bonsai Soil By Bonsai Etc. – 10 lbs Total Volume Discount!

Buy in volume and save! This order contains 4 separate one-quart bags, a total of roughly 10 pounds of bonsai soils. This premium bonsai soil has been formulated over many years of growing bonsai experiences. It consists of a mixture of Moisture Control Potting Soils, Coarse Sand, Fertilized Soils and Composted Pine Bark. We have been using this same type of soil for many of our trees in our nursery. We certainly hope that you would find it as useful as it does for us. In case you have any question regarding the potting of bonsai, please feel free to contact us.

Product Features

  • Good drainage soils to promote new fine and healthy roots of your bonsai.
  • Suitable for transplanting a bonsai tree or training a new material.
  • Sufficient organic materials to provide nutrients to your trees.
  • Excellent soil condition for small to medium size bonsai.
  • Come in with a total of 4 “one-quart” bags – Approx. 10 pounds in total weight!

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