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50 Bonsai Plants Sedum Seeds Flower Indoor Evolutionary Air

50 seeds

Product Features

  • Sedum highly adaptive, no restrictions on the soil, cold strong force applied to green roofs, using soilless cultivation, very light load, can replace conventional insulation and waterproof protective layer. Sedum grows in only 30 mm thick special growth substrate on survival after planting, no watering, fertilizing, management, would not vermin, with the international advanced level of greenery and good insulation effect.
  • Germination temperature : 20-25 ℃ /Germination time:8-20 days /Optimum growth temperature:10-38 ℃ .
  • Space 10*10CM.Sunlight Requiremen: Halfshadow,Sunniness. Sow to Bloom:About 100 days
  • Color: Yellow. Height: 20-35 cm. Usage: flower beds, potted plant, perennial
  • Purity ≥95%. Germination rate ≥80%.Clarity ≥98%.Water content ≤8%. Seed longevity Two years. Please store the seeds in a shade and cool,dry place.Because of climate conditions or improper cultivation techniques of loss, we shall not bear the economic responsibility. The surface turns the soil is the thickness of the seed diameter 1-2 times.

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