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9GreenBox – Japaness Juniper Bonsai Tree w/ Bonsai FERTILIZER

We’re selling one of this rare treasure! , The diameter of this plant is about 8″-12″ wide and POT IS 5″ IN LENGTH & 4 ” WIDE & 2″ DEEP, Bonsai tree shape may very

Product Features

  • Juniper Bonsai tree features the power and tranquility of Bonsai but in a smaller size
  • A very hardy plant and perfect gift for anyone interested in the art of caring for juniper bonsai trees
  • If space is a limitation, this juniper bonsai tree can add color and harmony while still possessing all the characteristics of its larger version

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1 comment to 9GreenBox – Japaness Juniper Bonsai Tree w/ Bonsai FERTILIZER

  • Anonymous

    The first juniper I received was in a plastic pot and looked like a starter (unshaped), though it arrived promptly and well packaged (the top of the pot was covered with tape to keep the dirt in, then plenty of styrofoam peanuts around the pot and juniper, shipped by priority mail).I contacted 9GreenBox and asked them to send me the pot (supposed to be a stone pot in the product description), they apologized and shipped the stone pot to me right away – with a shaped juniper bonsai in it!I’m happy with the new, shaped bonsai, it looks a little different from the picture shown, I would guess mine is shaped more of a slanting style, though this is my first bonsai and I’ve only looked at the descriptions of the different bonsai styles in books. The stone pot is the same as is shown in the product description. I don’t know if the soil is right etc – I guess we will find out.

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