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9GreenBox – Olea Europea “Olive” Bonsai Seed Kit- Gift – Complete Kit to Grow Dwan Red Wood Bonsai from Seed

Good Gift ideal for everyone want to watch their own bonsai grow from seeds. Good education and learning experience.

Also known as Common Olive or European Olive. Silvery leaves and white bark make this a very interesting looking tree. This unique tree produces the edible olive that is also used to make olive oil. To encourage fruiting, keep at 35F for several weeks during winter. Olea are often used as shade trees or planted in groves. Produces flowers on second year’s branch growth. Transplants best in summer. Tolerates poor soil, heat, drought and loves the sun. Excellent for indoors.

Product Features

  • Complete Bonsai Seed Kit with everything you need to grow Olea Europea “Olive” Bonsai from seed
  • Seed kit includes Olea Europea “Olive” Bonsai Seeds, Ceramic Vase,Bonsai Potting Mix, Pebbles, and Instruction Guide
  • Kit includes enough seeds to germinate several starter plants
  • Style and color of ceramic container may vary, Ceramic Vase measures 2.75″L x 2.75″W x 2″H
  • Gift Box measures 3″L x 3″W x 3″H. Handmade by 9Greenbox

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