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A Starter Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai Tree – NEW, Cute, Cool, Very Dwarf Upright Mame Bonsai

A very dwarf in size Shimpaku juniper bonsai tree crafted with decorative rock and specially grown fern moss for anyone, especially those who wishes to for his/her first bonsai tree. Although trained in a small pot, this tree has big aspirations and all the traits and beauty of it’s full-sized siblings. This juniper tree has fresh green needles throughout the year and requires only minimal care.
Other than the Japanese juniper, the Shimpaku juniper is originated in the Far East countries like China, Japan and Korea. Its evergreen feature shows the intrinsic beauty of nature. Unlike other mass produced products provided by some nurseries, we DO NOT stick a tree into a bonsai pot and call it bonsai. We select only the most full and healthy trees, and shape and nurture them to reach a weathered and mature appearance and style, and then we transfer them to the selected pots that matches the trees. They are a labor of love and a treasure sure to bring you many years of enjoyment.
Comes with a care instruction sheet, a fund reading short essay titled “The Little Myth of Miniature Bonsai” – copyrighted, organic foods, glass humidity tray, and a mini pair of tweezers or scissors.

This is a product of Nature’s Highlight, and has a company UPC code. Upon receiving the product, we urge all customers to check the product source, contents, and its documentation for the authenticity of the product. If you believe you receive a fraudulent product, please report to us or Amazon immediately. Happy shopping!

Product Features

  • New, Unique, Cool, Cute, Easy Care.
  • Shimpaku Upright (style) Juniper Mame (mini) Bonsai with Decorative Rock and Fresh Fern Moss.
  • Sitting in A Mini (only one and a quarter inch tall and three inches wide) Blue Rectangular Bonsai Container as shown in The Product Pictures.
  • Handcrafted by and Shipped Directly from Bonsai Etc. Nursery (Expedite Shipping takes only 3-5 business days to arrive; Standard Shipping takes 5-7 business days to deliver – e.g. Order with Expedite Shipping by Dec 18 or use Standard Shipping by Dec 16 to receive by Christmas).
  • Come with A Juniper Bonsai Instruction Sheet and Copyrighted Short Essay Titled “The Little Myth of Miniature Bonsai” by Bonsai Etc., Organic Bonsai Foods, Glass Humidity Tray, Pebbles, and a Mini Pair of Stainless Steel Tweezers or Scissors for Buds Pinching/Trimming.

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