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ADB Inc 100% True Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree Cheap Seeds

These trees are perfect for a bonsai specimen or to plant in your yard. Over most of its range, red maple is adaptable to a very wide range of site conditions, perhaps more so than any other tree in eastern North America. It can be found growing in swamps, on poor dry soils, and most anywhere in between. Due to its attractive fall foliage and pleasing form, it is often used as a shade tree for landscapes. Deer resistant. Grows up to 15 feet tall or can be trimmed to keep a smaller size, or raised as a bonsai.

Product Features

  • 100% True Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree Cheap Seeds
  • Package: Professional Pack
  • Quantity: 20 Seeds / Pack
  • Germination rate: High
  • Zone 1-11

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