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ADB Inc DD Maple Tree 2 Pack Northern Sugar Acer Japanese Maple Tree

Start grow at home any time of the year.
Japanese maple belongs to ace raceae maple leaves small trees or shrubs. Its crown flat or umbrella, blade palmate and there are 5 ~ 9 deep cleft, leaves simple, alternate, leaf blade apex acute, margin serrate, leaf color purple or red, the foliage trees is famous. In spring, summer, autumn three season leaves are red, the Japanese red maple, especially during the spring and autumn; Season leaves for the bright red color, midsummer blade into palm red. Is known as the “four seasons flame maple”. Strange winter leaves after all, it highly ornamental stems still add a scene for winter garden

1 , Disinfection: Use 60 degrees Celsius hot water soaking for 15 minutes.

2 , Soak: Soak the seeds with warm water, 12 to 24 hours, until the seed water and swell.

3 , Sowing: the seeds a one to stick on the substrate surface, covering the substrate 1 cm thick, then the pots sown into the water, the depth of water pots height of 1/2 to 2/3, so that water slowly dip up (this method is called “pots dip method”)

4 , After sowing Management: In late autumn, early spring or winter sowing after experiencing cold temperature, you can put pots with plastic film wrap insulation moisture. 9:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon or so seedlings after receiving sunlight. Lack of sunlight, the seedlings will grow very weak; most of the seeds out of Qi, put the unhealthy growth of seedlings pulled out, when most of the seedlings grow three or three or more leaves, can be transplanted.

Product Features

  • Northern Sugar Acer Japanese Maple Tree
  • Quantity approx 20 seeds / pack X 2 Pack total = 40 Seeds

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