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Adenium Obesum Desert Rose Pick From 12 Stunning Varieties 8 Seeds Per Package

Product Features

  • Desert Rose Adenium obesum
  • Heat Tolerance: Excellent Sun Exposure: Full sun Origin: Eastern Africa to southern Arabia Growth Habits: Shrub to 5 feet tall Watering Needs: Water once a day depends on weather climate, keep inside or nursery in winter, needs perfect drainage. Desert Rose or Adenium belong to the Apocynaceae family.
  • Adeniums have once again become very popular. No longer are you limited to the pink & white flowers, which were nice. Due to some wonderful Hybridizers in Thailand & Taiwan their seeds are now in huge demand. The Adenium obesum today come in just about any color you can imagine. Solid colors, bicolor, single flowers, double & triple flowers, ruffled, striped – Beauty beyond your imagination. Is it any wonder their popularity is growing so fast? Believe it or not Adeniums are much easier to grow than most people realize. Adeniums do not like to be over-watered, they will lose leaves. They do need to be watered once a day and will give beautiful flower displays with little or no extra effort. During the summer water them in the evening or the leaves will burn in direct sun. Adenium loves full sun. They do not like to be left out in the cold (do not let them go below 54 degrees) during winter. They are generally grown in pots and are excellent for Bonsai. Fertilize monthly during spring and summer with sustained release fertilizer, as well as organic fertilizer. I recommend fertilizing them weekly while they are young. Makes them grow so fast. I love growing them and I have a greenhouse full of them.
  • ADENIUM: GROWING INSTRUCTIONS Soak your seeds for 2 hours before planting. Fill a seed tray with about 1 inch of good quality commercial cactus compost then sprinkle lightly with a granular 20-20-20 fertilizer. Now fill the container to ½” from the top. The seeds should be placed about 1″ apart. This gives them room to grow, ready to be planted straight into pots. Count the number of seeds you have and make the same number of little depressions in the compost. Now plant the seeds in the depressions. Tweezers will make the job easier. When the seeds are all planted cover them with a sprinkling of very course sand. Be sure to mark your containers so you know what they are. Cover with plastic film, set them in a warm shady place. As soon as all the seeds have germinated remove the plastic film. Remove it in 10 days regardless.

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