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American Horticultural Society Pruning and Training

DK’s bestselling guide to pruning and training, now fully revised and updated!

Whether you are planning a new garden, wondering how to bring back a neglected tree or shrub, or want to develop areas of special interest, AHS Pruning & Training presents all the techniques you need in easy to follow, step by step explanations.

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2 comments to American Horticultural Society Pruning and Training

  • got poodles?

    Wonderful book for beginner to advanced!!! My husband used this as his “go to” pruning book. His son, also an avid gardenerthreatened to “misappropriate” the book during a visit. I bought him his own copy, and he loves it. My husband died a few months ago, so the local horticultururalistlooked in on the orchard and other trees,shrubs and roses. He perused the book during a break, saying how comprehensive it was: for beginners to those in the profession. I bought him this book for Christmas in appreciation for all he had done. The new paperback version is as comprehensive as the hardback version, and now more affordable for those wanting “The Ultimate Guide” to pruning and training. If you do any pruning, this is definitely a “BUY”!!!

  • Judie Stoddard

    the only pruning primer I’ll ever need The illustrations alone sold this book. I first saw it in hardback but the paperback had the same quality of paper and illustrations. The authors start by explaining how plants grow; how climate and disease affect structure; the different forms various species take and how pruning is affected by their growth patterns. Tools are illustrated including which tool is best for which level of pruning undertaken. Arranging the contents by type of tree helps users go directly to the section needed. Knowing growth patterns and schedules lets gardeners know the right time to prune.

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