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An Indoor Flowering Jasmine Bonsai Tree – A Healthy Noble Gift

A quality and hardy indoor flowering bonsai tree with sturdy and healthy characteristics that fits well in any home setting. This jasmine bonsai has shiny, waxy green foliage that would turn more reddish, purplish color in the cold; and bloom with white fragrant flowers in the summer or continuously in the sunny, warm environment. The tree has naturally cascading, trailing and weeping branches and mature with a very distinguishing characteristic and large presence; it is sitting in a high fire, top quality, Japanese handsomely handmade container; it truly makes a wonderful addition to any home. The width of the planter is around 4 inches wide; its color may vary from the one the picture has shown. Note: This bonsai may or may not flower at the time you receive the plant. Nonetheless, this is an authentic Japanese juniper bonsai setting; handcrafted by Bonsai Etc. EXCLUSIVELY for Tabletop Bonsai listing. Upon receiving the product, we urge all customers to check the product source, contents, and its documentation for the authenticity of the product. If you believe you receive a different product, please report to Amazon immediately. Happy shopping!

Product Features

  • Indoor flowering jasmine bonsai that makes a wonderful, presentable and most tradition noble gift.
  • Planted with multiple trees that have naturally cascading, trailing and weeping branches – Elegant appearance; symmetrical and well balanced.
  • Handcrafted by Bonsai Etc. Nursery.
  • Sitting in a Quality, Handsome, Japanese tiikappu – “teacup” style container – Handmade by our Japanese pottery artist with his seal at the bottom.
  • Come with Instruction Sheet, and Organic Bonsai Foods; and with ONE YEAR Limited Warranty (contact “Tabletop Bonsai” to find out more).

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3 comments to An Indoor Flowering Jasmine Bonsai Tree – A Healthy Noble Gift

  • zai

    jasmine bonsai very pretty plant…mine does not have flowers yet but i think the leaves are very pretty..the new leaves have this golden look to them and they turn a shiny green after..i love it!! :)

  • Theresa

    They were beautiful. I didn’t water them correctly. They died : ( A three sentence haiku, dedicated to my late Jasmine Bonsai:I am very sorry you diedyour branches so gracefulthirsting for waterI was a bad plant ownerYou are dead, on my windowsill.: (

  • Anonymous

    This arrived packed very nicely. Now that it has been in the sun for a bit, it looks great and it is flourishing.I can’t wait to see if it blooms. This is the second bonsai I have ordered from same company and the quality is exactly as stated.My husband wants to get a third bonsai but he is not sure what kind.. I am sure it won’t take him long to find one!

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