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Ann Star Magnolia Tree – Outdoors or Bonsai – Fragrant – 4″ pot

MAGNOLIA: Magnolias are one of the loveliest and most impressive spring flowers. Coming early in the season, with their thick, waxy petals forming goblets on bare branches, a mature magnolia in full bloom is a breathtaking sight. Take your notebook, camera and friends and go and visit your local botanic garden if you are not familiar with these wonderful plants and you will find the ‘wish list’ grows at every turn. Magnolia stellata – Star Magnolia Family: Magnoliaceae (Magnol-ia: bears the name of Pierre Magnol, 1638-1715, botanist of Montpellier) ‘Ann’ Star Magnolia (Kosar f1 hybrid) Deep purplish-red blooms appear later than most magnolias, thus are less apt to get frosted. Big, lily-like flowers often repeat during the summer. A vigorous multi-stemmed large shrub with an upright rounded habit and clean foliage. Reported to be sterile triploid. Developed at the USNA. AWARDS: PSC The plant you will receive is growing in a 4″ pot.

Product Features

  • Hardy Zones: 3-8. Full to Part Sun
  • Color of Bloom: Pink
  • Months of Bloom: Late Spring
  • Mature Height: 8-10′
  • Immediate shipping. Size shipped: 4″ pot

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