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ARS SS380 Long Reach Bonsai Scissors

These long reach scissors have an extended pivot point that adds leverage and allows you to easily reach into plants to make precise cuts. Perfect for Bonsai! Blades are Marquench hardened for that famous long-lasting ARS edge and hard chrome plated for protection against rust.

Product Features

  • Long reach blade
  • Soft bow grips
  • Extended pivot point
  • Superior cutting edge

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3 comments to ARS SS380 Long Reach Bonsai Scissors

  • Anonymous

    Love these scissors for getting in to the rose plants and deadheading the flowers. I love using them and recommend them. They are easier to use than pruners.

  • Anonymous

    I was cleaning it and maybe I left it in the cleaning solution for too long (couple minutes) and it started to rust in one spot. So, don’t leave it soaking in anything and should be fine.

  • Anonymous

    Product is not Chinese junk. These are Japanese Bonsai shears and the quality clearly shows. Extremely sharp chromed steel with very comfortable soft plastic handles. The action in both directions is smooth and effortless. Cuts are very smooth and clean. The long reach makes it easy to access the entire plant. Great value for your buck.

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