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Basic Bonsai Soil From Buybonsai- 15 Lbs. 2 Gallons

Our own blend of Lava cinder rock, Composted fir bark fines, calcined clay. Aprox, 60% Aggregate, and 40% organic pine bark. This is what we use. 2 – 1 gallon bags, about 7.5 POUNDS each

Product Features

  • FAST DRAINING Prevents root rot, Prevents over watering
  • Aprox 60% Aggregate, 40% composted fir bark fines.
  • Double Sifted, Lava cinder rock and Calcined Clay 1 BAG ABOUT 7.5 POUNDS
  • 2 one gallon bags VERY LOW SHIPPING !

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1 comment to Basic Bonsai Soil From Buybonsai- 15 Lbs. 2 Gallons

  • David

    Does the job Buying dirt through the mail probably isn’t the most efficient idea ever in terms of shipping cost, but I haven’t found a local source for bonsai soil or the components I would use to make my own mix. So this works. Seems to be a good quality mix that promotes good drainage. Of course it’ll take some time to see how the trees like it!As for the size, I have six relatively small bonsai trees, and this will be enough to repot them probably twice. If you only have a couple you probably don’t need this much soil unless you just want to stock up.

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