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Bonsai 101: An Introduction to Bonsai

Welcome to the world of Bonsai. Join Boon Manakitivipart, Certified Bonsai Professional, as he guides you though the information you need to maintain a healthy bonsai tree. This 99-minute video is filled with tips and techniques to help you improve your bonsai skills.

Created specifically for beginners, “Bonsai 101″ presents a comprehensive guide for the basic care of bonsai trees. Even if you have never owned or cared for a bonsai before, this detailed program will provide you with the information you need to get started and maintain a healthy, beautiful bonsai.

In simple, easy-to-follow steps, award-winning bonsai teacher Boon Manakitivipart takes you through all the aspects of basic bonsai care. He explains watering, placement, pruning, and fertilizing. You’ll learn the basics of pots, soil, design, and styling, as well as the countless varieties of trees that are used in bonsai. The program also includes two in-depth features about repotting and wiring, two essential techniques to keep your tree thriving.

If you’ve been interested in bonsai but not sure how to get started, “Bonsai 101″ is the ideal guide. Even after you’ve watched the entire program, individual chapters can easily be found on the program menu, making this a handy reference tool.

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