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Bonsai Boy’s Flowering Mount Fuji Serissa With Raised Roots serissa foetida

Beautiful white, star-shaped, miniature flowers. This sub-tropical variegated evergreen, which is imported from Japan blooms profusely with delicate white miniature flowers. Trained raised root system gives the appearance of great age. Easy indoor maintenance. Excellent for beginners.

Product Features

  • 7 years old, 7″ tall
  • Flowering indoor bonsai tree, grown and trained by Bonsai Boy

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Tags: Boy's, Flowering, foetida, Mount, Fuji, Raised, serissa, roots, Bonsai

2 comments to Bonsai Boy’s Flowering Mount Fuji Serissa With Raised Roots serissa foetida

  • Elye R. S. "Ellie"

    so far so good! My fuji serissa foetida bonsai came in on time from bonsai boy and in good condition. The only complaint I have is that the trunk and raised roots had a greenish-yellowish tinge to it and I’ll have to restore to proper health. I’m sure that was probably from the stress of traveling however during the hot summer with being in a dark box etc. The leaves were in good condition and everything was intact. I would recommend this bonsai because they’re beautiful and fairly easy to take care of! If I could I would’ve gave 4.5 stars instead of 4.

  • Marcus Chandradasa

    Very dissapointed I bought a tree from BonsaiBoy web site and Im dissapointed about my purchase. The actual tree is nothing like the one in the product picture on the web site. It is just a straight trunked tree about 2-3 years old potted in a bonsai pot. I could have bought a nicer looking tree from Home Depot and pruned it myself to make it look greater than this. This order costed me around $70 including shipping and the humidity tray. The tray doesnt match the pot (too larget for the pot), so i cant use to diaplay the tree. I bought a nice tree from JoeBonsai couple months ago and i was so happy with that purchase. The tree exactly looked like the one on the product image and i love tree. If you are looking to buy a tree, i recommend JoeBonsai over BonsaiBoy.

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