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Bonsai New Arrival Home Garden Plant 20 Seeds Evergreen Colorado Blue Spruce Picea Pungens Glauca Tree Seeds

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  • Product Type: Bonsai is_customized: Yes Use: Outdoor Plants Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy Full-bloom Period: Autumn Flowerpot: Excluded Type: Herbs Location: Courtyard Function: Beautifying Size: Medium Climate: Temperate Applicable Constellation: Virgo Style: Annual Classification: tree Variety: Blue Spruce
  • Seed wrapped in wet tissue. Plastic bags, towels and seeds. Storage bag in the refrigerator for six weeks. Within 2 inches of the rim and moist soil seed began to fill two gallons containers. Center position placed in the soil seed. A quarter of an inch, of course, the sand covered. Moist sand from the water sprayer. Cover pan lock moisture in the pot on top of plastic wrap. Indirect sunlight pan, until the seeds germinate. Monitoring water content pot while you wait. If the soil starts to look dry or wrap the lower side of the non-condensing to water from a spray bottle feeding it. Remove the plastic wrap, once the seeds germinate. Pot a window, it will be exposed to direct sunlight. Water whenever the soil (not sand) with a watering can feel dry to touch. Checked twice a day. Blue spruce seedlings and fertilizer 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer twice a week, once seedlings reach 1 inch height. Application rate and manufacturers \ amount according to the instructions. After fertilization, invariably water. Stop fertilizing in mid-July. Hardening seedling. Make it out of direct sunlight each day two hours, three to four days. Then add it to stay outside increment until spent the day outside. Blue spruce seedlings transplanted outside. Dig a hole as deep, but twice as wide as the container. Then at the same depth, it grows in the potted seedlings. After pouring your plants thoroughly moist soil, the depth of spruce roots.

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