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Bonsai soil, Desert Rose bonsai, Money tree bonsai, Flowering bonsai, Beaucarnea, Bougainvillea bonsai. Organic controlled moisture formula potting mix, Blended to order. No pre-packs. 2.25 QUARTS

FORMULA 4 is a unique soil mix of 4 organic ingredients, specifically prepared for plants in pots and planters. The base material is washed cocopeat which has natural rooting hormones and good moisture retention properties. We add coco husk chip dust to separate the grains of cocopeat and discourage soil compaction. We also add crushed coco husk chips. The coco husk chips not only aid drainage but act as miniature sponges which reserve air and nutrients around the roots. Coco husk chips contain short strands of fibre which channel water around the roots to help eliminate dry spots. Finally, we add coco husk charcoal. This charcoal has never been previously used as another product, which may have contained chemicals or resins. It is also non-absorbent, so excess water flows harmlessly away. We blend to order so you are assured of fresh materials. We also blend by hand, so that we can visually check the consistency of the mix as well as feel moisture levels. Our horticulturalist has been supplying soil mixes to commercial growers for 16 years. You can have their confidence in our product. You can see a YouTube video about the creation of this product. Simply search for Smiling Worm You Tube.

Product Features

  • Particle based potting media
  • Moisture control formula
  • 4 Organic components
  • Nutrient free
  • Blended fresh to order

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