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Bonsai soil, Juniper bonsai, Azalea bonsai, Prunus Serrulata bonsai, Chinese elm bonsai. Organic low moisture formula potting mix, Blended to order. No pre-packs. 1 QUART

Bonsai plants have little soil to sustain them, therefore there is no room for compromise in providing the right mix. First, it needs to be moisture retentive – but not overly so. Bonsai plants hate wet feet. A little over 50% of the 3 components of this mix is cocopeat. Cocopeat is known for its moisture retentive properties. However it also has the amazing ability to hold moisture in the grain, without being wet. 30% of the mix is fine particles of coco husk. These act as separators between the grains of cocopeat to deter soil compaction. Compacted soil contains no air for roots to remain healthy. The final component is heat-treated rice hulls. Rice hulls are the organic alternative to Perlite. Perlite has long been added to bonsai mixes to aid drainage, but of course it is not organic. Rice hulls perform the same function but with two additional benefits. First, rice hills are heavier than Perlite so the hulls do not tend to rise to the surface of the soil over time, and second they are rich in Silica. Silica encourages strong cell development in plant roots and stems. This product is supplied without nutrient so you can use your favourite type of fertilizer without conflict.

Product Features

  • Particle based potting media
  • Moisture control formula
  • 3 Organic components
  • Nutrient free
  • Blended fresh to order

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