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Bonsai Tool 6-Piece Carbon Steel Shear Set and Tool Kit with case

Product Features

  • Set includes an 6 piece assortment of tools in a heavy duty nylon case.
  • Inspect your tools after each use, removing dirt and debris.
  • Note any dull blades or nicks for the grit from potting soil easily dull or damage the blade,but be careful when use scissors for their sharp blade too.
  • Never use force when working with bonsai tools. Forcing blades that are too narrow or small will damage the branch as well as the tool.
  • Include:1 X 11cm Leaf Trimmer;1X23cm Root Hook;1X21cm Knob Cutter;1X21cm Long Handle Shear (Bud Shear);1XPruning Saw;1XAll-In-One Nylon Tool Case;1X23cm Jin pliers.

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