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Bonsai Tool 6 Pieces Kit Scissor Cutter Shear Case Garden Plant Tools Starter Beginners Set

This bonsai tool kit made of carbon steel can be applied in the whole process of nurturing your favorite bonsai.
With this bonsai tool kit, you can work and loose the bonsai soil, also can cut the bonsai root and large branches, make a precision pruning or trimming of leaves and buds as well.
Choosing this bonsai tool kit, not only can you bend bonsai branches and eliminate debris safely but also make a clean flush cut without damage, even can get assist when bonsai being grafted.
Enjoy bonsai with this awesome kit! You will find it a lot of fun!

(1) Inspect your tools after each use, removing dirt and debris.
(2) Note any dull blades or nicks for the grit from potting soil easily dull or damage the blade, you must be carefully when use scissors for its sharp blade.
(3) Never use force when working with bonsai tools. Forcing blades that are too narrow or small will damage the branch as well as the tool.
(4) Soak root hooks in warm soapy and dry thoroughly after each use.

Package Includes:
1 x 11cm Leaf Trimmer
1 x 21cm Long Handle Shear (Bud Shear)
1 x 23cm Jin pliers
1 x 23cm Root Hook
1 x Pruning Saw
1 x 21cm Knob Cutter
1 x All-In-One Nylon Tool Case

Product Features

  • Six carbon steel Bonsai Tools Kit Set including Leaf Trimmer, Bud Shear, Jin pliers, Root Hook, Knob Cutter and All-In-One Nylon Tool Case.
  • By using this kit, you will be able to loose the bonsai soil,pruning, cut the root, branches, leaves trimming.
  • Popular selection of tools.
  • Great value for money.
  • All tools in a durable Nylon case, not bad as a gift for bonsai lover.

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