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Bonsai Tree Care Bailout: A Beginners Bonsai Guide

Attention Renegade Arborists: Get into the dirt and get your hands and face filthy and stinking of liquid fish! Go to the zone with your little green friends and don’t come back for hours!

Let bonsai change your view of reality as you explore Bonsai Tree Care Bailout: Beginner’s Bonsai Care Guide. Joshua Rothman is a veteran horticulturalist and bonsai gardening enthusiast who has been working in garden nurseries and studying bonsai for the last twenty years. Creating beautiful bonsai is a great challenge, but when you gather tips and tricks from those who have been working in this art form for decades, you gain invaluable insight.

In this book, Rothman compiles his best notes for beginners, including secrets taught to him by his senseit (teacher), John who was trained in Japan under the late John Naka, one of the most recognized bonsai artists in the world.

Learn all about:

  • The History of Bonsai
  • How To Select The Perfect Bonsai Tree and Pot
  • The Best Tools For The Job
  • How To Wire, Shape, And Prune
  • How To Help Your Little Trees Thrive
  • And Much, Much More! (Including how to get amazing trees totally free!)

If you wish to achieve incredible looking bonsai, follow these easy-to-implement techniques that have been proven successful by bonsai gardeners from around the world for centuries. Don’t wait another moment before rescuing your little trees and transforming them into beautiful, lasting bonsai trees. Buy this book today!

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3 comments to Bonsai Tree Care Bailout: A Beginners Bonsai Guide

  • jpacs

    Heres A Quick Way To Create Beautiful Bonsai Almost Overnight. Fun Read! I never thought i could grow bonsai trees in my home or backyard but after stumbling upon this fun book I finally discovered the secret to growing beautiful bonsai! There is a gold-mine of priceless tips and techniques that give me the confidence to give bonsai another try and the author did such a great job of making it entertaining and very unique. This book is destined to be a bonsai classic for years to come.

  • Amy Robbins Wilson "Healing Music Artist, Amy...

    Totally what I needed and more My husband bought me a bonsai as a gift and I was at a loss as to how to care for it. I didn’t have time to read a huge book but wanted more than just a basic guide. This book was perfect. It has everything I wanted to know about basic care plus great stuff I had never thought of, like how to collect your own bonsai from the wild. Loved the inspirational photos and quotes as well as the down to earth advice. Also really appreciated the money saving tips. Awesome place to begin when you are not sure where to begin!

  • Colorado Author

    The Real Deal!! The author writes with obvious love and passion for what he is doing. The humor and wisdom throughout this book is refreshing and draws you in. I do not own a Bonsai tree as of now, but if I were ever to move into this art this is the book that would be my guide. One feels carefully led down the path of exquisite care for the Bonsai Tree in an unexpectedly personal and inviting way.

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