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Bonsai Tree Care – The Importance of Soil

Proper bonsai tree care is important if your goal is to grow a beautiful healthy tree that can be enjoyed for a very long time. There are many aspects to maintaining the health and beauty of your bonsai tree. Obviously, proper watering and feeding is a priority and is an obvious choice in your bonsai tree care plan.

However, the soil you choose is also important. Like all living things, plants grow and stay healthy by taking in and processing nutrients. Simple enough right. But the obvious difference is that plants can’t go get them. The water and nutrients has to come to the plant via their root system. This is where the soil comes in. If you have the proper soil then the plant can get all of the water and nutrients it needs more easily. So as you can see your soil choice is essential to proper bonsai tree care.

The good news is that finding the proper soil is not too hard really. You can buy soil mixes at gardening stores or nurseries or even chain stores like Wal-mart. Ready made mixes are perfect for the beginner bonsai artist. The downside to these mixes is that they tend to be a little more expensive.

Important things to consider when choosing your soil is that the soil must be able to retain water well. As to all living things water is essential to life in itself. Everything needs water in order to survive. With plants, however, water also acts as a vehicle to deliver nutrients through the roots. Now, you know that the soil needs to be able to retain the water properly, but it also needs to drain excess water too.

Too much water can be bad for your plant. There is a perfect balance that your soil will be able to maintain if you select the appropriate soil. If you are a beginner it is usually best to purchase the ready made mixes to ensure that you are providing your plant proper bonsai tree care. As you become more experienced you will be able to move into making your own soil mixes.

So now you know just how important soil choice is to bonsai tree care. Solid choice is right up there with the appropriate water and feeding of your wonderful bonsai tree. Caring for your bonsai tree is not so difficult. Taking the few necessary steps and learning what you need to know are both necessary steps in growing a healthy tree.

Original Author: T Holfelder Full Bio
T Holfelder
Mother of 5 and a Bonsai enthusiast.
Hoping to make it easier for bonsai beginners to master their bonsai tree care plan.
Tags: gardening stores, excess water, proper soil, wal mart, bonsai tree care

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