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Bonsai Tree Gift with Oriental Indoor Sweet Plum

Sitting in a simple yet graceful white porcelain container, this stylish tropical bonsai tree grows to be approximately 7 inches tall. Albeit small, the tree has captured many features of a mature tree in nature. Its overall impression is that of a natural tree that shows an upright style determined by the shape of its trunk and balanced by its impressive, good root system. This bonsai works well visually in many places, either as a centerpiece or simply an accent. It is easy to care for, and thus works perfectly as a gift for a friend with or without a green thumb. Optional: With the added inscribed message, this beautiful unique gift is personal and meaningful.

Contact seller to create your optional gift messaging label.

This is a tropical plant, it is not recommended to ship the tree out to a cold region during the adverse wintry condition. Contact seller if you have any question.

Product Features

  • Handcrafted by Bonsai Etc. Nursery.
  • Sitting in a durable porcelain container that fits well among any of today’s home designs and decor, it has the affect of enhancing any indoor environment in which it is placed.
  • Its leaves are shiny, small and compact; when in bloom, summer flowers blossom with elegant white petals and a red stamen.
  • It has a lovely fragrance that is perfect for freshening the scent in any room.
  • Tree comes with a general bonsai care sheet, a sample bag of organic bonsai plant food, and an optional personalized gift message on label on top of clear contrast white surface background.

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