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Bonsai Tree Haws Watering Set (KIT20) from BonsaiOutlet

Haws Plastic Can and Nickle Mister

Finally Back in Stock!

If you love the look and feel of a Haws can but want something a little less expensive, you can still get the Haws quality design in an economical plastic version. All of the cans come with a brass faced rose to gently spray plants and a downspout attachment for direct pouring into pots.

This professional 300 ml mister is ideal for misting, foliar feeding, and pest control. This handy sprayer can be pressurized with just a few quick strokes for continuous spraying.

Watering Can:
1/2 liter
Material: Plastic
Model Number: WS1501G

300 ml
Material: Nickle
Model Number: WSI2918

Product Features

  • Bonsai Tree Haws Watering Set
  • For the best that money can buy at prices that won’t break your bank
  • Imported by BonsaiOutlet
  • Satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed

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