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Bonsai Tree Tool Hori Hori Knife (A9) From Bonsaioutlet

An ideal all-around garden and Bonsai tool:

This Hori-Hori Digging Tool is a traditional Japanese gardening tool that can be used for just about every kind of gardening, digging, cutting or weeding activity.

Heavy-duty rustproof blade is 6-3/4″ long and nearly 1/8″ thick. The blade is securely attached to a hardwood handle and features engraved depth markings from 25 to 150 mm.

Includes a vinyl-leather sheath with belt loop. The stainless steel Hori Hori knife blade is very sharp and concave shaped for scooping soil and other materials. The blade is serrated on one side making it perfect for root pruning.

Dimensions: 6 3/4″ long blade
Material: Stainless Steel
Origin: Japan
Brand: Koyo
Model #: BTA9

Product Features

  • This Hori Hori knife is the perfect Bonsai digging tool
  • A great all purpose gardening tool that helps with pruning, cropping and digging
  • Top quality at a great price
  • Also a favorite with metal detector hunters
  • From BonsaiOutlet

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2 comments to Bonsai Tree Tool Hori Hori Knife (A9) From Bonsaioutlet

  • mflinn

    My favorite lawn tool Pops weeds right out of the soil, saw roots and makes bulb planting fun! Just don’t leave it out in the rain like I did, or it will rust a little – like any metal.

  • James McInville

    My go to garden tool I work in the horticulture field I use this tool daily. Its great for planting, dividing plants, bulbs or cutting through roots. Every gardener should have one.

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