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Bonsai Tree Tool Tinyroots Shear, Broom and Rake Kit (TRK-02B) from BonsaiOutlet

Our Tinyroots brand Shear, Broom and Rake Kit includes everything needed to keep your bonsai tree styled, healthy and happy.

Old-world craftsmanship combined with modern technology results in the finest tools available with the aesthetic feel of a fine surgical instrument.

Comes complete with hand made bamboo storage box, with custom cut out to provide your tool protection for a lifetime.

Tinyroots tools are top quality bonasi tools imported exclusively by and available only at Bonsaioutlet and fine retailers.


Traditional “Butterfly” shaped Bonsai Sheer. Tinyroots brand, hand forged from high quality, tempered cabon steel. 180 mm.

The three-pronged rake is the perfect tool for working the soil during transplanting or for general care. This rake can also be used to remove soil around your bonsaiåÕs roots, and to stir up the soil The tweezers can be used to remove dead leaves, insects, needles, weeds, and other fine debris. This is a light- to medium-duty root rake designed for general repotting tasks. 210 mm

Genuine Hemp Broom used to brush away small debris, even out top soil, dust off work benches, pottery, and other clean-up tasks.

A handsome, hand made bamboo storage box with clear panel cover.

Dimensions: 260 mm x 200 mm
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Material: Master Grade Carbon Steel Tools
Brand: Tinyroots
Model #: TRK-02

Product Features

  • Tinyroots brand tools – Top quality at great prices
  • Tinyroots brand Bonsai tools, exclusively from BonsaiOutlet
  • Like all Tinyroots tools, satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed and carry a lifetime warrantee.
  • Customer satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed

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