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Bonsai Tree Training Wires: 250-gram roll: 1.5mm/170ft

large 250g roll with excellent quality: for training and shaping your tree branches inconspicuously; reusable; will not damage your tree.

Product Features

  • 250g roll
  • size: 1.5mm
  • approx lentgh: 170 feet
  • copper coated aluminum wire; dark brown in color
  • softer than copper; will not damage tree

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Tags: Roll, 1.5mm/170ft, Bonsai, Tree, Wires, Training, 250gram

3 comments to Bonsai Tree Training Wires: 250-gram roll: 1.5mm/170ft

  • A. Chesler

    Bonsai Wire Product is exactly as described. Easy to cut and strong enough to hold shape for the branches. I also liked that the color did not stand out that much against the tree. Blended in for the most part until you got close.

  • Anonymous

    perfect for all my needs. can use it for other projects also! lasts quite a long time also. must buy.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly what I was looking for in a 1.5mm wire and I couldn’t beat the price. Recommended to anyone looking to wire small branches.

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