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Bonsai Tree Watering Can from Haws | Silver 2 Pint from BonsaiOutlet

Amazingly beautiful English long-reach watering cans made of galvanized steel with a tough powder coat paint finish. This lightweight two-pint galvanized steel watering can comes with a fine brass spray rose. The can has a gracefully curved spout for accuCalculated at checkout watering, great reach, and durability. It is made by Haws, the English company that revolutionized the watering can one hundred years ago by making it perfectly balanced åÒ even when used with one hand.
Its two-pint capacity holds plenty of water to make your bonsai bloom. Makes a great gift for your resident gardener. With tapered gracefully curved spouts, Haws pot waterers are designed especially for accuCalculated at checkout watering of your bonsai.

Pints: 2 Pt.
Material: Titanium Silver Colored Galva-Gard Finish
Model Number: C1652TTM

Product Features

  • Legendary watering cans from the famous Haws company in England
  • Build with 100 year old craftmanship
  • Time tested and balance for easy watering
  • Beautifully finished
  • Lifespan is at least 20 years

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