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Bonsai Tree Wire seven size pack from BonsaiOutlet

Size: 100gm coil: includes the following sizes


Shipping: Same day shipping
Model Number: wireset

This wire is designed for shaping and holding branches and small trunks inconspicuously. Reusable and easy to apply, this wire is less likely to damage the tree.

Product Features

  • Bonsai Wire – The magic wand of tree styling
  • Bonsai wire is specifically designed to shape branches and small trunks
  • Our bonsai wire is of outstanding quality and is the most affordable bonsai wire on the market
  • Our full line of Japanese bonsai wire is reusable and very easy to apply
  • Satisfaction Unconditionally Guaranteed

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2 comments to Bonsai Tree Wire seven size pack from BonsaiOutlet

  • Bobby Tran

    This product is recommended for beginers The product is good for beginners to work with for practice and to have an idea on different wire sizes. The wire roles I received in the mail weren’t as thick as the picture shows (more like 1/4th to 1/5th the size shown). the actual thickness of each roles I received was about the size of my finger rolled up in a 7″ diameter round. The price average is $5+ per role with this deal. I pay $5 for each role almost the size of my wrist rolled up in a 10″ diameter round from my bonsai instructor. I don’t dislike the deal because it serves its purpose on the different sizes you can experiment with. But the quantity for the price can be improved. If you are an experience bonsai artist and have more than a few trees or if you want to work on larger bonsai trees, this deal will disappoint you. I rate it 3 stars because I think it’s okay for beginners who has limited connections to resources and information to try their own experiments.

  • Natoe

    Great for checking out sizes You can get a few tree’s wrapped with these, plus the coating allows for less cutting in a tree if you don’t know what you’re doing. I didn’t like the wrapping on them though, it was sticky. Once you get that off you’re golden.

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