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Bonsai Tweezer and Blade Tool

This is a combination tool with a million-and-one uses. Ideal for manicuring your Bonsai, root pruning jobs and working in those small bonsai-sized spaces. The blade end is ideal for Mame Bonsai projects. Imported from Japan, its well made, durable and made of stainless steel.Great combination tool with a million usesBlade end ideal for Mame Bonsai projectsManicure, prune roots and work in small spaces with one tool

Product Features

  • Exclusively from BonsaiOutlet

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Tags: Tool, Tweezer, Blade, Bonsai

2 comments to Bonsai Tweezer and Blade Tool

  • Michael E. Williams "Epic Adventurer"

    big tool for big hands i have large hands and this tool fits nicely yet i can get into my bonsai trees easily and do some delicate work.Very handy for us big hands (not body haha)

  • Anonymous

    The blade works well for transplanting, or even sectioning off seedlings that are in the same pot. And the tweezers are great for bonsai maintenance!

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