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Brussel’s DT9049DCM Crepe Myrtle Bonsai

Developed by the National Arboretum, our miniature “Chickasaw” Crepe Myrtle blooms prolifically mid-summer. The branch tips are covered with electric fuchsia blossoms for weeks – this bonsai is made to order for sites needing visual revving. Dainty, perfectly proportioned leaves cover this tiny tree.With delicate, crinkled vibrant pink/purple flowers blossoming mid to late summer, the Dwarf Crepe Myrtle bonsai tree adds welcome color to any deck, patio or garden. The flowers have six or seven crinkly-edged petals on stalks, sticking out between the sepals, which are simple triangular points. The flowers occur in spike-like clusters. The tree’s sinewy, fluted stems support opposing leaves with entire margins. Grown in Chinese nurseries under carefully controlled conditions, and developed at U.S. National Arboretum, this tree is 5 years old and 7 inches tall.

Brussels grows specimens only under carefully controlled conditions, meticulously training each tree with wire and pruning over a period of years. If upon the tree’s arrival some leaves have dropped or turned slightly brown that does not mean the bonsai is unhealthy. Defoliation is the natural result of being in the low-light environment of a shipping box. When you receive your tree, place the box in a shaded area to unpack. Inspect tree for damage to branches or leaves. Water soil if dry, and place the tree in shade for at least one week before moving to a sunny location.

What is a Bonsai?
Literally, the Japanese word “bonsai” means “tray tree” or “plant grown in a pot.” The term refers to the artistic techniques used to capture the natural beauty of trees, rather than a specific variety of tree. A full-grown tree and a bonsai can be grown from the same seed–the bonsai has simply been dwarfed and shaped through years of training. For more information on care and training visit Brussel’s Bonsai on the Web.

Product Features

  • Deciduous outdoor bonsai
  • Blooms prolifically in June and July
  • Beautiful pink blooms
  • 5 years old; 9 inches tall
  • Lagerstroemia indicum

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3 comments to Brussel’s DT9049DCM Crepe Myrtle Bonsai

  • Wyatt Alber

    Jaw dropping gorgeous tree!! One word. WOW.This tree was much larger than I expected, and it was fully leafed out, with a few blooms just starting to emerge (WHICH IS OK, AS CREPE MYRTLE BLOOM LATE SUMMER). Every leaf is glossy and green.I’m sure this tree will be in full bloom later this year, and I bet it will be amazing. This is the best bonsai tree I’ve ever seen for the price.AND LET ME MAKE IT KNOWN, FOR ALL THE BONSAI NOOBS OUT THERE, THIS TREE WILL DROP EVERY SINGLE LEAF IN THE WINTER AND NOT GROW A SINGLE LEAF BACK UNTIL LATE SPRING. It naturally goes dormant in the winter, and is commonly one of the last trees to leaf out in the spring. It can take a good chill, as it’s zone 7 hardy, so 10-15 degrees shouldn’t hurt it.I will upload a picture sometime soon, probably when it flowers. Don’t let the negative reviews turn you off. Only idiots who buy this thinking it can be kept indoors will be disappointed.

  • B. Dean "babzlingo"

    not so much I had this tree sent to my daughter for her birthday, but it arrived in poor condition and only got worse. We fared no better with a second attempt…we were very disappointed, to say the least. But, Amazon was very cooperative about our return.

  • K. Blomker

    Crepe Myrtle So far, this Crepe Myrtle has not shown one flower, nor the potential for any flowers, and, in fact it did not look good when I got it, about 30 days ago. I will provide an update if it starts looking healthier and beautiful like the picture. Product did arrive quickly. Also, the greenery is not near as full as the picture shown.

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