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Brussel’s Money Tree Bonsai

Sending wishes for a Happy Birthday or similarly festive occasion? This Braided Money Tree is a traditional symbol of good fortune and communicates your feelings in a time-honored way. Easy to grow in bright light, this bonsai is a good choice for novice growers.

Product Features

  • One of our most popular bonsai
  • Tall braided trunks
  • Imported from southern China
  • 4 Years old; 13 inches tall
  • Pachira aquatica

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3 comments to Brussel’s Money Tree Bonsai

  • Sheri Johnson "sherilees"

    Would I have bought if had seen? The plant is very healthy. It arrived quickly and in good shape.What disappoints me is that it is described as 10-12″ tall and in a 10″ pot. This plant is 20″ tall and in a 5″ pot. It looks silly…..the pot is WAY too small for the height. It does not look “Bonsai” due to it’s height. If I had seen it in person I would NOT have bought it.

  • Adam "Panda Bear"

    What a deal! I bought this plant for my fiance and it met and exceeded all my expectations. It is well proportioned between the plant and the pot it is in, unlike what was said in another review. It was as described and the picture in the listing is exactly what I got. The shipping was fast as well, only 2 days, and free. It will also be easy to take care of. The price could not be beat anywhere I looked for this product, and I searched multiple sites and stores. The plant arrived in excellent packaging, too. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  • Allen L. Bloom "AB"

    Disappointed I bought a single Brussel’s Money Tree a few months back and it arrived in good shape and I was happy with it. I ordered 2 more to give as gifts and they arrived crushed and close to being dead. Attention to detail in packing the delicate items was not there. I got a much larger, healthier, and less expensive plant at Lowe’s Home Improvement. If you order one of these it is a toss of the dice. Good luck!

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