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Brussel’s Ponytail Palm Bonsai

Ponytail Palms are the perfect accent bonsai for low maintenance enthusiast. These trees thrive in low light conditions, and require infrequent watering and feeding. The delightful “fountains of foliage” add soft, cascading lines to the indoor landscape.

Product Features

  • Perfect for the home or office
  • Easy care favorite
  • Imported from central America
  • 6 Years old; 13 inches tall
  • Beaucarnea ‘Ponytail’

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2 comments to Brussel’s Ponytail Palm Bonsai

  • J.J. Marina

    lovely mature gift I purchased this bonsai for my mother’s 75th birthday gift. Her thumb is so green she could walk by a plant and it would bloom within the hour! She has had many varieties of garden or house plant, but never a bonsai. when it arrived, the packaging was more than sufficient to protect in during shipping, she was elated and I cannot remember when I have heard her more excited. It is a perfect gift for someone who likes plants and has most of the usual varieties. She LOVED IT!!!

  • michael

    Outstanding….. Great plant,. It arrived on time and was very healthy. I live in WV so it was very cold while on it’s way here, but it arrived as green as it looks in the pictures. Very thick trunk, and a healthy plant. My wife wants another one to give to her dad.

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