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Caring For Your Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

More Chinese Elms are sold as bonsai trees worldwide than any other variety. If you have bought or been given a bonsai tree as a present, the chances are that it will be a Chinese Elm. These are brilliant trees for a begginer to start out on bonsai and are the first choice for many people when buying a bonsai. This book will provide all the basic care information required for these amazing trees, whether you wish to keep your bonsai indoors or outdoors. Using the tips and advice provided will ensure that your Chinese Elm bonsai receives the best care to flourish and grow healthily. Also included is information on growing these trees from seed. Complete with an active table of contents, and 11 photos of these very special bonsai trees. This edition has recently been revised to include more photos and is an easy to read guide to most bonsai.

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2 comments to Caring For Your Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

  • RichW

    Text based with no pics The information provided does not offer any addition insight relative to most web pages found online. The author would benefit from making the text more personal and adding some pics depicting the criteria he is describing.

  • Anonymous

    unless you are interested only in this “chapter”, buy instead “Bonsai Trees”. this book is just one of all the books that are slapped together in the Bonsai Trees one…

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