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Coolrunner Vintage Style Decorative Ribbed Glass Plant Mister Bottle with Top Pump (Yellow)

Color: Clear,Blue,Yellow

Item discription:
Item name: glass bottle
Item material: glass bottle + plastic imitation bronze nozzle
Item size: Approximate Dimensions: 3.5
Item weight: 300 g
Package Included: 1 x watering can

Product Features

  • Plant mister featuring a glass bottle and a plastic top pump.
  • Ideal for watering small plants inside your home and office.
  • Bottle has a convenient ring-finger holder and can be easily refilled by removing the top.
  • Top pump hand held plant water mister – Screw off top for refill.
  • Approximate Dimensions: 3.5

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Tags: Style, Decorative, Ribbed, Mister, Bottle, Vintage, Coolrunner, Yellow, Pump, Glass

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