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CoreGear Garden – USA Misters 1.5 Liter Handheld Pump Pressure Indoor Outdoor Plant Mister and Sprayer with Carrying Strap and Belt Clip

CoreGear | GARDEN | 1.5 Liter Hand Pump Garden Mister/Sprayer Bottle with Carrying Strap and Belt Clip

Designed to handle all your indoor and outdoor gardening chores. the CoreGear | GARDEN | 1.5 Liter Hand Pump Garden Mister/Sprayer Bottle with Carrying Strap and Belt Clip is portable, lightweight, and easy to use. It sprays a fine mist for your succulents as well as a powerful spray to reach the highest of hanging plants and shrubs. The 1.5 Liter, 12″ height x 8″ diameter personal mister bottle has a multi-directional adjustable brass nozzle that allows you to switch from a fine mist to a stream that shoots over twenty feet and in almost any direction. Each bottle also comes with its own carrying strap and belt clip, for easy portability. These handy sprayer/misters have lots of other uses, too – use them to keep your family and pets cool, dampen clothes for ironing, detailing the car, removing wallpaper, and so much more! To use: 1. Fill with 1.5 liters of water mixed with your preferred plant food, pesticide, herbicide, chemical (do not fill to the top, as the bottle needs to contain at least 20% air to work properly). 2. Screw the nozzle cap on the bottle and give it ten good up-and-down pumps. 3. Press the trigger, and a mist or stream flows from the brass nozzle. rotating the brass nozzle to the left gives you a fine mist or adjust it to right to shoot a concentrated 20 foot stream!


Product Features

  • 1.5 Liter Heavy Duty Plastic Bottle holds 40 ounces of water based liquid. High capacity tank is large enough to handle almost any gardening task in and around your home.
  • Multi-directional, brass nozzle adjusts from fine mist to stream. Helps to reach tight spots.
  • Easy pressure release located at the top of the handle. Just lift the red pressure release Nozzle adjusts to a strong stream reaching over 20 feet. Perfect for high hanging plants and shrubs as well as for spraying pests from a safe distance.
  • One hand operation with easy pump and locking trigger mechanism. Perfect for the multi-tasker and those with arthritis or other hand ailments.
  • Carrying Strap and Belt Clip included for added portability. Frees up your hands while using your favorite garden tools

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