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Creating Bonsai: Master Simple Methods by Developing Effective Habits

Creating Bonsai

Master Simple Methods by Developing Effective Habits

You would love to have a bonsai tree You may be one of the unfortunate ones who say, “I had one but it died”, even after reading many articles on the internet about how to care for a bonsai tree.  After reading all the posts and maybe even a few books about needing the right combination of soil, light and water.  You read things like, “…for proper care you must make certain that the soil is always moist but not too moist” or “too much watere will cause roots to rot.”  Know you are confused enough to say enough is enough, caring for a bonsai is just too complicated.

After a brief introduction and History, I will explain the process of using techniques that are easy and traditional, plus I will tell you about the five habits that I developed from my own personal experience that will help you master some simple methods that will allow you to care for your bonsai without constant worrys about; too much water, too much light, is the soil ok, does my pretty little tree need fertilize?

You will learn by Mastering Simple Methods developed from 25 years of personal experience and guidance from some of the world’s most famous Bonsai Masters:

  • Let your Bonsai tell you when to Prune
  • Let your Bonsai tell you when wiring is right or tight
  • Let your Bonsai tell you when it needs Water
  • Let your Bonsai tell you when to Fertilize
  • Let your Bonsai tell you when change Soil

About the Author:

Dennis Nolan has over 25 years’ experience with the Art of Bonsai and is a
past president of The Greater Evansville Bonsai Society, 1990-91. During his
years with the society, he had the opportunity of meeting and participating
in workshops with the late John Y. Naka, one of the world’s most famous
bonsai masters.
Learn more about Dennis and his advice on Bonsai at:
You may join his Bonsai Group:
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3 comments to Creating Bonsai: Master Simple Methods by Developing Effective Habits

  • Kristi Hurst

    Great read! I have never tried to grow a Bonsai, but if and when I decide, this book alone should be sufficient in getting started and keeping it going and growing. Easy to read, easy to understand instructions, and very well written! Bravo to Mr. Nolan!

  • Anonymous

    This book contains information that should always be in the mind of one dealing with bonsai on serious basis. A person could be successful in creating good bonsai, without being distracted and confused by too much information, with just this book. I have made this mistake four times in my bonsai career. To spend two years on application of the principles of this book would not be wasted even if you killed every tree. I would have given this five stars except I found the pet comparison overstated.

  • Anonymous

    I do not do bonsai but am fascinated by it. I don’t know what I loved more, the photos, windswept took my breath away, or the quotes from John Naka. I canno imagine needing anything more to get started in bonsai than this wonderful inspirational book.

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