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Deckey Indoor Garden Plant Grow Light LED Grow Light Hanging Light Red Blue 14W Plant Light

Most Efficient for Photosynthesis 
Plants do not use the entire spectrum of light. The chlorophyll and carotene only absorb the light at the range of two particular wavelength(blue 460-470nm and red 620-630nm). The light is designed to produce the most efficient wavelengths of light to produce peak photosynthesis. 

Better Growth 
With 60 blue and 165 red light, the LED grow light gives off both red and blue light which is important for maximizing growth in plants. Red light is good for budding, flowering and fruiting when blue light is to promote leaf. 

Inherently Safer Technology
  No radiation and other side effects, please feel free to use.

Led : 165pcs Red; 60pcs Blue
Power: 14W 
Suggested Irradiated Distance: 1.64ft-3.28ft /0.5m-1m
Irradiated area: 26.9 square feet/2.5 square meter

Handel the product appropriately. Prevent slips, hits and falls, as this may result in damage to the product.
Keep the product away from moisture and extreme heat.
Do not immerse the product in water or other liquids.

Package Included: 
LED Grow Light
Mounting accessories
Power cable
User Manual

Product Features

  • 225 LED lights: 165 Red LED lights (630nm Wavelength) + 60 Blue LED lights (465nm Wavelength). The combined lights greatly boost the growth of your flowers, vegetables, or fruits, make it grow better and faster.(2-3 times growth than ordinary one)
  • Widely used: The lamp is widely used for vegetable plants indoors – in hydroponics, gardening and greenhouses, for seeding , breeding, ornamental plants, gardens, bonsai and more. The lamp can ensure an optimal growth, securing it with the mounting accessories over your plant and connect the power cable to an electrical outlet.
  • Low power consumption: Save Up to 80% in energy costs compared with High Pressure Sodium, Incandescent or Metal Hallide Lamp. 90% of the light can be utilized by the plants( below 10% for Sodium lamps)
  • Red and blue: Blue light stimulate stem and leaf growth, red light stimulate flowering and seed production. The combination ensures that your plants grow healthy and lush.
  • Direct get started ! The cables for hanging are easy to install. (Screws and Rope Included)

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