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Drainage Netting for Bonsai & Other Pots 5-4×12″ Sheets

Drainage Netting #6048 Joshua Roth Drainage netting is a fairly flexible, brown plasticized fabric that is impervious to most solvents, is mildew and fungus resistant, and provides good support and drainage. Five 4×12″ sheets per pack,

Product Features

  • Flexible
  • Prevents soil loss
  • Long lasting
  • Good support and drainage

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2 comments to Drainage Netting for Bonsai & Other Pots 5-4×12″ Sheets

  • Rocci Hildum "Rocci Whispering Circles"

    Easy to use screen; real timesaver; good value The drainage netting is a very good value and is so convenient to use. It is much easier to use than some other screens or netting I have used. This screen can be cut with standard scissors and it comes in a large sheet for custom cutting to the size needed. I highly reccommend this product.

  • clonyx

    What I expected This is just the quality I was looking for and at an excellent price. I wanted to purchase a tool set from Josua Rot as well, but other products are so expensive.

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