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Evergreen Mix – Imperial Bonsai Soil – Mini Bag

Evergreen Bonsai Soil Mix is made with: Small Fir Bark, Small Sponge Rock, Peat Moss and Sand. Among the most popular Bonsai are evergreens, small versions of some of the beautiful and majestic trees we are all familiar with in natural settings. Because they stay green and retain their color all year they are unique and beautiful additions to any collection. They do typically have a dormant period during winter and it is not uncommon for them to exhibit a dull green or yellowish tint. Most evergreen bonsai need that dormancy period to rest as this will insure their overall health and energy for the upcoming growth phase. Some common evergreen bonsai include Junipers, Azaleas, Ficus, Natal Plum, Boxwoods, and most Pines. The bonsai soil mix we have designed for these plants will provide an excellent growing environment that is well drained and will promote healthy strong growth.

Product Features

  • Specialty Bonsai Mix – Small Batch Fresh Made
  • Same Day Shipping!
  • Resealable Bag
  • Finest Ingredients
  • Generous stuffed 6 x 9 inch resealable bag (almost 2 Quarts)

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