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Eve’s Bonsai Granular Fertilizer Slow Release Pellet Safe and Highly Effective Food for Bonsai Plants 5oz package

Slow Release 16-9-12 Granular Bonsai Fertilizer. Apply once every 5-8 months. Fertilizing or feeding your Bonsai regularly is essential to keep your tree healthy and strong. Because Bonsai are planted in pots they need to fertilized in order to replenish the soil ‘s nutritional content.

Instructions: Lift the moss of your bonsai and uniformly apply the fertilizer on the surface of the soil. Use approximately 2 heaping tablespoon per 10 inches of pot size.

Product Features

  • Best quality 16-9-12 Granular Bonsai Fertilizer
  • Time released Fertilizer, apply every 5-8 months on the surface of soil
  • Last for months, Essential to keep your tree healthy and strong
  • Packed in a resealable zip lock bag
  • 5 oz pack enough for many Bonsai trees

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