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Exploring The World Of Miniature Bonsai

After the Bonsai culture had started widely spread around the world, the miniature bonsai culture was developed. This is not a different practice from the conventional bonsai principles; its just that this in this case the bonsais are so small in size that they can even fit into your pocket! These trees follow the same principles of pruning, repotting and training, and then taking this concept further to achieve the smallest possible size of bonsai tree. The other thing is that the bonsai pot in this case is also miniature in size.

The mini bonsai culture is increasingly attracting many enthusiasts around the world. It is probably because it is pretty fascinating to have an authentic living tree that small in size looking delicate yet so strong. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a herculean task to maintain these micro trees, you may just need to spice up your bonsai skills and or attend miniature bonsai training classes. These micro trees are so beautiful they just compensate all the effort you put in to successfully train them.

With Miniature Bonsai trees you have to be extra careful about their relationship with the environment. The sun is especially a sensitive factor. Keeping the tree indoors too long just depending on the suns rays through the window may not provide enough light. On the other hand, the suns rays while outdoors may quickly dry up the moisture of the soil in the pot. Through close examination of the stems you can determine whether the correct amount of light is reaching your tree. While indoors, moisture is another crucial factor hence we have to regulate humidity at the right levels to avoid drying or water-logging the soil.

Pests are a major enemy to miniature bonsai trees and this is doesnt matter if the tree is indoors or by the patio. Should there be an attack then moderate use of insecticide is advised. This is because insecticides contain alcohol which may dehydrate the tree. The affected tree should also be isolated from other bonsais if any. It is possible to come back from a serious pest attack by pruning the tree and providing liquid potassium fertilizer to boost its growth. By regulating the plants indoor and outdoor stay, we can be able avoid pests substantially. Mini bonsai trees are very sensitive to repotting and as such this should be done with much care to avoid any shocks to the plant.

People successful in tending to miniature bonsai trees have a tendency of getting their bonsai skills improved with time thus making conventional bonsai training a piece of cake.

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