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Flower Wisteria plant – 4″ pot great for Bonsai or outdoor patio – carefree

The wisteria sinensis is a shade-tolerant vine, but it blooms best when grown in the sun.
It prefers a deep, rich loam, has a moderate growth rate and is very easy to grow.
The vine is easily pruned to keep it contained. The violet blue flowers, borne in drooping
8-12″ racemes, are produced in late spring or early summer. It will cover a large trellis
or arbor very quickly and is beautiful as a focal point to an entrance or porch.

Product Features

  • Wisteria sinensis
  • purple/blue flower
  • great for bonsai
  • well-rooted in 4″ pot.

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3 comments to Flower Wisteria plant – 4″ pot great for Bonsai or outdoor patio – carefree

  • Brown thumb

    Wisteria The plant was shipped pretty fast. The site said it was going to take 2-3 weeks but it was delivered in about 3 days. The plant was healthy and good looking. I planted it immediately in a pot and it is growing. Will try to grow some side branches next summer.

  • Valerie H

    Carefree it is! I received this plant shortly before I went away on a long vacation,, it was immediately planted in the garden as I didn’t want it to die, It has survived, growing slowly. I will dig it up when I get a nice bonsai pot, and the time to learn the process. It is a very pretty little tree, and seems to enjoy affectionate neglect, living in the garden with no care at all. Got it 2 months ago, and it is certainly an easy plant to cultivate!

  • Tyler Reedy

    can’t wait (update) arrived very quickly. arrived dormant but has come out in the week i’ve had it and is starting grow green very quickly, can’t wait to see it growUPDATEi’ve had this for a while now and it’s at least 2ft tall and climbing up a bamboo stake before i get it outside

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