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Fujiyama Bonsai Potting Soil – 5 Quart Bag

A premium, all-round “soil” for Bonsai.

This is similar to a Nursery type soil that is extremely useful for all Bonsai plants. We add a wetting agent to more easily wet up the ingredients, a chelated micronutrient product to assist you in greening up your bonsai and slow release fertilizers to assist you along in the first few months of using this high quality sterile potting medium. It also contains the “new” natural soil amendment… Zeolite from Japan and the US.

1 Quart of the best selling bonsai soil available! Also available in 5 & 10 Quart Bag sizes

Product Features

  • Best selling bonsai soil
  • Contains Zeolite from Japan & USA
  • Excellent mixture includes a weeting agent, chelated micronutrient product, and slow release fertilizer
  • High quality, sterile potting medium
  • Medium 5 Quart Bag

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