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Fun Elephant Watering Can 12″ x 5″ Blue Yellow (Set of 2)

These elephant watering cans are perfect for watering your indoor or outdoor plants. The cute design will make you smile while tending to your plant life. They will also spruce up your home as a fun decor or can be a cute toy for your children.

Product Features

  • THE SPECIFICS: Bundle of two unique, lightweight plastic watering cans measuring 12″ x 5″ in blue and yellow.
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS: Teach your kids how to take care of your garden by showing them how to water the plants using these cute elephant watering cans. They are also great additions to your kids’ sand and beach toy collection.
  • GOOD FOR ADULTS TOO: With their adorable design and ideal size, you may want to borrow these from your kids and enjoy using them for your indoor or outdoor plants.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: You can even put a small plant or artificial flowers in them to decorate your home or office.
  • WONDERFUL GIFTS AND FAVORS: They make a great gift for your plant lover friends, or as a party favor for summer birthdays or beach-themed parties.

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