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Growing Bonsai

Growing a bonsai is not only a relaxing way of gardening and an excellent hobby, it is also widely accepted as an art form.

However, unlike a piece of sculpture, these miniature plants are in a constant state of change, with energy and exuberant vitality.

Many bonsai enthusiasts find that knowledge of oriental philosophy helps them to capture the spirit of bonsai and a greater understanding of the art.

For most of us however, creating bonsai is not a quest for artistic fulfillment, but more a creative and pleasant hobby

The initial steps of cultivating bonsai starts from the moment of the decision to grow one if these exquisite little trees in our own home.

It’s advisable for beginners to learn the early stages of bonsai treatment and cultivation on plants that are sold expressly for that purpose, prior to rushing out a buying the first bonsai that catches your eye

It pays to have patients selecting your tree, and deciding on the pot, or containers, that best suits the shape and size you want to achieve

You may decide on an existing tree, which already has a given shape, or you may decide to transform a sizable plant to your own chosen style, or you may even go for growing one from scratch.

The most important factor before acquiring you first bonsai, is where it is expected to live. Is it intended for inside your home or garden?

If you want a tree for indoors you must access the light and temperature, and whether or not you can place it outside during the summer.

Many modern homes have large picture windows that allow in plenty of logh56. South and west facing windows can also admit hot sun amplified through the panes of glass.

Many bonsai species will suffer in these conditions and should be kept away from the direct sunlight but close enough to the window to receive good light. Also, the drop in night time temperatures during the winter has to be considered when central heating is turned off

Should you choose be for an outdoors bonsai. You must consider the amount of sunlight you garden receives. Does it offer shade from the hot afternoon sunlight?

In many gardens, during the hot summer months, heat is reflected off fences,walls and patios, sending the temperature soaring. Pots and containers can heat up rapidly and dry out.

It is advisable for all outside bonsai to have their pots shaded and cooled regular with water to prevent their roots becoming dried out and cooking.

Bonsai must be pleasing to the eye, creating through, shape, style and size, an impression of a tree nurtured solely by nature and its environment

Once you have gained some experience and feel more confident, and enthusiastic it’s very satisfying to create a bonsai from seedling or shrubs growing in the natural habitat. The complete bonsai represents in miniature the landscape in which the seedling were found

Nowadays bonsai is practiced all over the world and the different cultures, climate and species of each country has produced a greater variety of styles and techniques

Original Author: Don M Miller Full Bio
Don Miller has been growing bonsai for 25 years. If you found this article on ‘Raising a Bonsai Tree’ of interest the you will find more information and articles on the Bonsai Guide Website at:
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